What we offer

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What we offer – We are the distributor of cycling apparel. 

We have many experience of helping overseas supplier who wish to start up the new business in Japan. Also, we helped the supplier who wants to expand the market share in Japan. Especially in the cycling market.

Not only giving customer satisfaction, but we also commit to provide overseas supplier’s and partners satisfaction as a sales and marketing expert. Our vision is to make long-term relationship & investment with all relatives since short term benefit creates nothing.

We offer professional service with the experience of U.S., Israel and Japan IT industry. Our goal is to help cycling industries supplier by using IT technologies. Our supply chain, Ecosystem and MA / SFA / CRM system provide the efficient customer journey.

We bring you the one of best brand in Japan. We are not just one of the distributor in Japan, we commit to be a strategic partner for your success.


Our business process consists with following domains.

– Competitive positioning.
– Business strategy.
– Marketing strategy.
– Communication strategy.
– Sales & Supply Chain strategy


We are not offering your product to our client, we offer your value itself.
Creating Clannote Ecosystem with the brand, valued client and IT infrastructure lead to the endless prosperity.


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Please contact from the following page with your concern, issue and wishing goal in Japan market.

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