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会社概要 Company Overview (English follows)

会社名: 株式会社Clannote  – クランノート

代表取締役: 和田 智裕


資本金: 5,000,000 円

本社: 東京都渋谷区道玄坂1-12-1 渋谷マークシティW22F

倉庫: 東京都江東区潮見

取引先銀行: 横浜銀行

事業内容: コンサルティング、輸入卸



運営サイト:CaLORS (カラーズ)


1. 海外企業の日本進出への支援・投資

a) 経営戦略面
b) マーケティング戦略面
c) 営業・物流支援面


2. 取引先のブランド力向上・経営支援

a) 差別化商品のご提案
b) キャッシュフロー改善のご提案
c) プロモーション・集客改善のご提案


3. 差別化商品のご提案

a) 運営サイト CaLORS(カラーズ)での販売
b) 取引先プロショップへの卸売販売
c) カスタムウェア品の販売


Clannoteとは = clan note (藩札)





Company Overview

Company name : Clannote, Inc.

President & CEO : Tomohiro Wada

Capital : 5,000,000 yen

Established : July 7th 2009

Headquarters: Shibuya-ku,Tokyo 150-0043

Logistic Center: Koto-ku, Tokyo JAPAN

Main bank : Yokohama Bank

Business domain : Business consulting, Import & Export

Tax accountant : Kobayashi Kaikei Office

Legal adviser: Chuo Sogo Law Office

Website: CaLORS (Cycling apparel portal site)

Business domain: Please refer the “service” page.


What is Clannote? – The clan note means “Han Satsu” in English.

In the Edo era in Japan, we had a domain called clan(Han) in each regions. The Edo government tried to provide the money to all Japanese to departure from barter system, but it was more than a bit challenging because the demand outreached the supply. Therefore, “Han” decided to produce own money=note(Satsu), and provide it to people who lives in their territory.

The money, “Han Satsu” was not valuable to other “Han” territory, but it accommodated market demand and monopolized the specific market.

We want to provide “Han Satsu” to our client who want to tap into Japanese market with the strategy of differentiation. We define the specific market to meet client’s demand, and provide the right strategy to monopolize the market with our knowledge and speed.

Our policy is to change customers lifestyle by offering new add value at the saturated market.