Marketing & Sales

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Marketing & Sales

We offer the following service after the contract is formed.

1.  Competitive positioning. 
a) Market / Competitor analysis based on the customer perspective.
b) Find the superiority with original SWOT analysis, and target the specific domain.
c) Review the product/service portfolio, and build the competitive advantage.

2. Business strategy
a) Business development based on our network.
b) Improve the work process by using our supply chain, MA, SFA and CRM system.
c) eBusiness strategy based on the CaLORS and other EC engines.

3. Marketing strategy
a) Market research based on Japanese customer perspective, and verify the hypothesis.
b) Build the brand by using precise communication tools & channels such as SNS, shops and etc.
c) Measurement of effectiveness by using SFA, and carry out PDCA to achieve our goals.

4. Communication strategy.
a) Find the correct communication tools with efficient marketing budget.
b) Enlarge the customer contact and build the right customer journey.
c) Media approach by using efficient press release method.

5. Sales & Supply Chain strategy
a) Full inspection will be done before selling your items.
b) Purchase your goods and sell trough our website and shop channels.
c) Project management and customer services based on SFA.

Business process
Our research starts from interviewing with owner & factory/office worker by visiting their office or teleconference. It is not rare to refuse the contract with venders if we concluded that is difficult to launch the business after the analysis. Our mission is to tell customer the essential meanings of your brand, and provides the experience of joy by offering your product. CaLORS will be the main hub to expand your brand and business in Japan.


What is CaLORS ?
CaLORS is one of the unique cycling apparel website. We are not providing various kind of the cycling wear, not even interested in doing such things. Our mission is to offer the value of partner’s brand itself.  Searching the most unique & talented brand from Europe, and provide those item with Japanese standard service is the value of CaLORS.

CaLORS : Cycling Apparel Loving Riders


Our strength
We are not interested in major brand who already came into Japan market with traditional local distributors. Our main target is mainly small & medium size range of company. They have very unique concept and product, but it is very much difficult to offer the item in Japan due to the high quality requirement by Japanese customer.

We believe in those brand & company. and we are wishing to focus more on the brand concept & product for their success. Providing those philosophy to the right person with right service will be our mission. The market share is not our interest. Not the maximization, but the optimization in the market is the keyword to our innovation.


Our clients
– PISSEI (Italy)
– BIORACER (Belgium)
– MYN (Italy)
– SALICE (Italy)
– MS Tina (Italy)
– SAKO7 (South Africa)
– DESCENTE (LeCoqSportif-Japan)


Our strategic partners
– Famous professional bike shops in Japan – more than 200 bike shops


If you got interested in…
Please contact from the following page with your concern, issue and wishing goal in Japan market.

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